406, Gouraud St, Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon

Amin Maalouf said that Lebanon is not an exception but rather the mirror’s world, a mirror world, a shortcut of the human adventure and a foreshadowing of a common future.The workshop has no such pretension, but strives to be a mirror, or rather a reflection of the essence of Beirut, cross roads of civilizations, ideas, styles and trends. Beirut, melting pot that mutates constantly, in pain as well as in joy, is an international city that positions itself at the heart of trends, and tries to assert itself as such in the world.
Created by Cynthia Zahar, the workshop acts as a second skin for the fashion designer. Mixture of old doors, old shelves, industrial material and modern surfaces, this space synthesizes a message conveyed to whomever penetrates its realm. The workshop contrasts warm materials (fabric and wood) to colder elements (steel, iron, glass). The showroom is a hybrid in constant dynamic motion, allowing mutation and evolution throughout the creative process.
Finally, the workshop personifies the fashion designer’s world, composed of mixtures and contrasts, of decomposition, inspiration, potential receptions and freedoms.
It embodies the love of the designer for her city, Beirut.
Concept / Design Design Republic